Visiting Chicago

Visiting Chicago.

Mark and I are entering into a new and very exciting phase of our life together. We are transitioning from an almost three-year long-distance relationship to a no-distance relationship. I am moving to Chicago to start medical school and Mark is joining me in the third largest city in America!

We are moving at the end of May, so we have about five months to get organized, find a place to live and move. I have been doing some looking around on those apartment search websites to get a sense of what we can get for our money. We have student loans to pay off and our income going forward is not going to be anywhere near abundant.

To kind of get the ball rolling and to introduce Mark to Chicago, since he’s never been, we are visiting for a few days in March. We are also going to scope out the rental market and see if we can tie anything down before we leave. I think it will be a lot of fun.

If you are familiar with the Chicago area and have some tips and pointers to share, please comment below! 



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