Cinnamon Rolls


It is irrelevant that it was both hot outside and less than six months until I need to wear a strapless ball gown on my wedding day. Mark and I wanted to make Cinnamon Rolls yesterday, so we did. We made them a little healthier by adding crushed walnuts and flax seeds in the filling for healthy fats, along side a heavy helping of butter, cinnamon and brown sugar. The icing was also present in full force. Who cares if I want to eat two cinnamon rolls for breakfast? I will just have a kale smoothie on the side, eat two balanced meals, skip dessert and everything balances out. Haha, sounds like a tall order. If you get all of your nutrients in (from real food) and stay within a reasonable calorie count for your body type and personal health goals, leave the micromanaging to someone else and enjoy that treat!


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